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Top 7 Questions We are Asked

The Stryker Rejuvenate and Stryker ABG II hip implant systems have been implanted in thousands of Americans around the country. While only a fraction having sought legal representation, we know there are still thousands of victims out there walking everyday with a hip which will likely fail.

Even if your Stryker Rejuvenate or Stryker ABG II has not yet failed, it is recommended to speak with an attorney who is familiar with the legal process. In order to help in your research we found there were a number of questions often asked by individuals calling our firm. Our goal is to make your research efforts as easy as possible wherever possible so we have complied these frequently asked questions on this page.

Question #7 – Is this my doctor’s fault for implanting this product?

Absolutely not. Our firm’s collective research and evidence shows no wrong doing by doctors and surgeons. If anything, many believe (and we support this) that their doctors were trying to find the best solution to their patient’s hip problem. The Metal-on-Metal design is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer, Stryker Orthopedics.

Question #6 – What are the signs or symptoms to be aware of that my hip may be failing?

Typically there is pain in the hip area making it difficult to walk and the symptoms may get worse. If this is the case, it is advised to see your doctor to have an MRI completed. Other tests including Ion tests for metal in the body can help to determine if the metal on metal hip is shaving off small pieces of metal into the body and bloodstream.

Question #5 – Will I need an additional surgery?

Questions about surgeries are best left to surgeons, however we can tell you it is certainly a possibility and others who have had hips fail have had a “revision surgery.” One other element we can point out is Stryker created a document for doctors to reference for extraction. So Stryker themselves understands and expects some hips to be removed. You can view the document here.

Question #4 – If I am going to have my implant removed, should I keep it?

This may sound a bit strange to keep the hardware, but the answer is YES it should be kept and preserved as evidence should you choose to file a claim. There are agreed protocols with medical device retrieval companies to ensure the preservation. If you have a question or want to know who to contact, please call us and we will gladly refer you to a trusted retrieval company near you.

Remember, you paid for the hardware, so no one can tell you that it is not yours or that it must be returned to a company – it is your property.

Question #3 – Who is this company Broadspire that I have heard or read about?

Broadspire has been hired by Stryker to assist in reviewing claims, medial records, and other matters. Broadspire’s role may change over time, and how they may be involved in your claim could potentially change from patient to patient, so it would be best to discuss your claim with a lawyer who can offer you an Attorney/Client privileged relationship, which is confidential.

Question #2 – Why is a Cobalt test important in this process?

Cobalt naturally occurs in the body, and if the metal implant’s tiny pieces of metal begin to get into the blood stream your cobalt levels could be raised or even toxic which bring can have serious consequences. A cobalt test is a less invasive way to tell if your hip implant is failing, should you not be experiencing severe pain.

Question #1 – If I am going to hire an attorney, why should I hire your firm(s)?

Hiring the law firm to represent you is an important decision. As with many professions, not all businesses or professions are equal. What we can tell you is that the legal team on this website has spent years, and thousands of hours reviewing tens of thousands of documents to understand this product, its injury, and the people who are suffering in order to find the best way to help. Our team has been at the forefront of this litigation, appearing in court and in front of judges who are part of the litigation.

Our most important responsibility to you is to help answer your questions and inform you of your legal rights under the laws of America which protect you. If you are one of the lucky ones who does not need a revision surgery, hopefully you will find peace in understanding your situation, and if you are one of the thousands who have a recalled implant, our goal is to make the process as easy for you as possible. If you have any further questions, we encourage you to make a free phone call and speak with an attorney at no-cost, with no obligation to file a claim, and 100% confidentiality.