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Minneapolis Star Tribune Details Meshbesher & Spence’s Role in Stryker Hip Settlement

In a Dec. 13, 2014 article, the Minneapolis Star Tribune described the proposed Stryker hip settlement and the role Minneapolis law firm Meshbesher & Spence played in reaching the $1.43 billion agreement.

In the article, titled “Minnesota attorneys steered action on defective hip devices that landed $1.4 billion settlement,” attorneys Anthony Nemo and Genevieve Zimmerman are quoted about the development of the case and their roles in securing the potential outcome.

Zimmerman gave the paper her candid take on the victory — a settlement reached in early November that would award a base amount of $300,000 to every Stryker ABG II or Rejuvenate hip victim who underwent revision surgery before Nov. 3, 2014, subject to assorted modifications:

“I feel lucky that I can do good for people. The money can’t put them the way they were before the surgeries, but it will make a difference in their lives.”

Genevieve Zimmerman has spent three years working on this case. She was appointed by a judge to the plaintiffs’ lead counsel committee, where she played a key role in securing the compromise that was reached.

In the article by reporter David Chanen, attorney Anthony Nemo of Meshbesher & Spence makes a distinction between the recalled Stryker products and the metal hip implants from other companies that have also been the subject of scrutiny. Compared to the failure rates of other companies’ implants, the failure rates of Stryker’s ABG II and Rejuvenate are “biblical,” he said:

“A failure rate for a recall is usually around 30 to 40 percent. A nearly 100 percent failure rate for our case is biblical,” attorney Nemo told the Star Tribune. “Stryker knowingly stuck their rich little head in the sand and ignored any signs of a problem.”

Others Are Still Waiting For Justice

The proposed settlement only covers those who underwent revision surgery on Nov. 2, 2014 or earlier. Those who have yet to undergo revision surgery maintain their full legal right to seek compensation. If you are among these people, contact the Stryker Hip Lawsuit Center today to discuss your options with the attorneys who have helped lead the litigation.